We could tell you that the name came to us from some market research we had done, but we believe - 'honesty is the best policy'. Petoo was chosen because we are foodies (read gluttons!) and love Indian food, sugar and spice and everything nice.

We've grown in a country that spells variety when it comes to Indian cuisine. But, while there are a number of mom and pop restaurants that provide Indian cuisine at large, there is a lack of a big brand such as a Mc Donalds that can serve daal chawal or popular Indian cuisines.

In office meetings, pizza is the popular choice. Why? Good question. Before you Google and arrive at various answers.

We'll tell you, it's simply because pizza unlike biryani, is less messy to eat, is well packaged, and the boxes can not only be carried around easily, but disposed off easily as well. Now what if you could order great Indian food for team meetings, and enjoy the same experience as eating the pizza - without the mess; the crappy packaging, and the guilt of making your environment a dump yard?

That's where Petoo comes in - We make sure Indian food is accessible, convenient to eat in neatly packed boxes, and is the popular choice, anytime you are hungry. Because it's about more than just having amazing food - Petoo is about delivering an amazing experience.

But a bad service can ruin everything we just said. So our technology is coupled with innovation, and is at the very heart of the eating experience. With abilities like controlling inventory and predicting orders, we make sure your great food is delivered in the most efficient way.

So whether you are at home watching a nail biting cricket match, or in office, you can track your order once it is placed- with timely and accurate updates on how soon your food will reach you. And every time you finish a Petoo box, you're only going to say, "Damn, that was fast! And totally tasty too!"

That's what we are here for - for the love of food. We want to provide you with great food every time you order. Your only job is to relax and enjoy every bite.

Food day, everyday

At Petoo, every day is 'Food day'. We work in an environment where we eat, sleep and breathe food. You will work closely with the brightest minds on how to make a big difference in the way food reaches a customer, and deliver a delightful experience.

Foodies and a bit of technologists

We are technologists, strategists, and foodies with experience and curiosity in spades. When we aren't busy coding a revolution or changing the design, you'll find us chatting over a cup of tea or munching on some Samosas.

Join Us

We love learning and developing new ways to improve the user experience. We love to talk, listen to your ideas and share your passions (for food!). Inspired to create a career in the future of food ordering? Join us